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    Join me on a journey as I explore the world of Pakistani leather craftsmanship, narrowing down the treasure trove of options to a hidden gem that offers the finest leather goods. From exquisite ladies' handbags to stylish clutches, card cases, key holders, and more, I've scoured many leather vendors in Pakistan to bring you the very best.

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    4K SWAT Valley Documentary in Urdu | Discover Pakistan TV

    This SWAT Valley Documentary - “Switzerland of the East” will help you see SWAT like never before.

    Swat is without a doubt one of the most beautiful tourist destination in the Northern valleys of Pakistan.

    A Hallmark of Magnificent Scenic beauty and Rich Historical Past With its Roaring Rivers, Waterfalls, Meandering Streams, Glacier Fed Lakes, Pind Forests, Alpine Meadows, Snow Covered Peaks, Fruit Laden Orchards, Lush Green Fields and above all’ Nice Hearted and Most Friendly Swati People.

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    This is how Rakaposhi looks from the top of the mountain, right opposite her! This mountain can be scaled from Nasirabad and Hassanabad however we started the trek from our home in Nasirabad. The meadows at the top are called Hachinder where the cattle and shepherds of Nasirabad spend most of their summer.

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    I came to Pakistan with fears | ISLAMABAD and SHAH ALLAH DITTA CAVES VLOG #42

    I was very curious to see Islamabad and the Shah Allah Ditta Caves. Sometimes things happen. Like falling in love with a place which is so unusual and unexpected :-) But traveling never fails to teach me new things. Pakistan also surprised me with all those smiling people! It's not very difficult to catch a smile here wherever I am :-)

    Thanks to @lifeatblimp @irisvisualspk and @kahnsaab for making this trip to the cave possible and also filming

    I will make a movie called “Visa World". It's about borders and differences. It’s about a journey to the other side of the world and what it takes to fight global challenges.

    It’s a one (wo)man production because I believe that it doesn’t need much to tell a great story. I'm doing all this to collect donations for the charity KAUGMAON on the Philippines. I know their work and it's coming from their heart to give children a better life.

    If you are interested in the movie you can register for it on my website (for a small donation which goes to the NGO).

    The movie ➸

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    Kutwal Lake , Haramosh Valley.
    June 2021

    Where is it?
    Haramosh Valley is 60 km away from Gilgit. You can approach it from Sassi which is across Skardu Road.

    How to get there?
    You can get a jeep ride directly from Gilgit or from Sassi to a village Dassu from where the trek starts.
    Two ways diverge from there, one through Barchi Village all the way to Kutwal village crossing Gun , Gure village.

    This was a rather difficult climb. A constant steep hike. The other route is through Iskere village which is a much better route with walks on rather flat land and steep climb at few places but with enough lapse to let you catch your breath. You cross Mani glacier too which took us 60 min.( we came back from this route)

    The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains called Rakaposhi-Haramosh Mountains which is a sub range of the Karakoram range.

    Haramosh Massif has two summits, Haramosh Peak and Laila Peak. ( We went to Laila Peak Basecamp too 3600m- you go right from Kutwal Village to go to Kutwaal lake and you turn left to cross a forest and reach Baskay Village where you climb for the basecamp).

    Credits: Rabia Shafi

    Skardu Gilgit Baltistan Map RabiaShafi