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May 2014, 9 riders from across the oceans came to Pakistan to explore the beautiful northern areas with Moin Khan. They started out from Islamabad and made their way up towards the China-Pakistan Border. The roads were full of bumps and some of us came back with bruises and broken bones, but everyone came back high with euphoria. Our sponsor, Brighto Paints, were able to send with us a crew, Ali and Raja, to capture the spirit of this adventure on film. Here is the full film to showcase our small exploration of the gorgeous north. I feel that most of us forget that we don't have to leave our country to feel like we're in a foreign land, so this film, "Rediscovering Pakistan - The Untold Tale" is my attempt to inspire you guys to lead your own adventure to appreciate the beauty of our land.


Natalie Goode

Rebekah Burchard

TK Jong

Hideaki Daniel Ichige

Scott Asimont

James Eckerman


Harold Kim

Dustin Travis

Zunaira Iftikhar

Nouman Maqbool

Moin Khan

Sound track

Overload- Dhamaal

Ali Umair- Gum Sum

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Akhiyaan Udeek diyan

Ali Umair- Sochon mein gum

Saieen Zahoor - Allah hoo

Jimmy Khan - Nadiya

Ali Pervez Mehndi - Roshan Jamal-e-Yaar

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Tu mera dil

Siege the band ft Sanam Marvi - Veray Aa Verh

Mekaal Hassan Band - Kinaray

All the instrumentals by Ali Umair

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