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Balochistan is known as fruit garden of the country (Pakistan) and it has been endowed with tremendous scenic, beauties including landscapes, panoramic mountains, abundant nature resources, rich cultural heritage, hill stations, orchards, deserts, golden beaches, marine life, flora and fauna, archaeology sites historic forts, prehistoric caves and rock shelters dwelling, mud eruption volcanoes. There are excellent golden beaches of Arabian Sea to the Sulaiman Range, are wonderful especially for a new comer. Balochistan has a 770 KM long coastline and the second largest juniper forest in the world in Ziarat, Zarghoon and Harboi Hills. The Balochistan handicrafts and embroidery are very popular among the tourists. Balochi tents includes tent felts, rugs and woolen items, leather and metal work, jewellary, agricultural implements are mostly attracted to the tourists. By visiting Balochistan you will find it your second Home.

Balochistan is the cradle of 9000 years old Mehrgarh civilization. There are numerous archeological sites dated back to antiquity, hosting valuable cultural treasures. Balochitherim, the huge mammal of rhinoceros family, weighing about 30 tons was roaming here 26 millions years ago. Purfume was exported from Nal Balochistan to Iraq and Syria 2500 years back. Alexander passed through the coastal belt of Balochistan in 325 B.C covering a long trail. Tribal culture, nomadism and a host of rich traits,Balochi, Pashto and Brahvi languages, literature,music, folklore, legends, proverbs customs, traditions etc. form the magnificent rich cultural treasures of Balochistan. Similarly a rich archaic treasure is preserved and maintained for posterity. Its major bulk consists of colonial documents. Similarly Balochistan is blessed with numerous tourist attraction sites. More than 770 k.m long coastal belt is a unique fascination offering interesting landscapes. Besides, Juniper forest of Ziarat and Harboi, camel caravan trails and surrounding nomadic belts, Chaman geological fault, caves, mining tourism, festivals of Sibi and other areas, all present a unique and long lasting tourism fascination, blended with the traditional hospitality, good food and affordable costs. The Department of Culture, Archives and Tourism therefore, strives to protect the cultural heritage of Balochistan, both tangible as well as intangible, and promote tourism in the province. The upcoming Gwader project, Coastal highway and communication linkages connection Pakistan to central Asia will open up these wonderful sites to the whole world. Therefore, the role of the newly created departments is crucially tailored to meet present as well as ensuing challenges.

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