Wagon R to Skrdu valley - 2019

Salam, I have Wagon R stingray 2012. I took it to nathiagali last year. Wapsi pe usske front Tyres mai se dhuwan niklne lg gya leather me se thori der gari khari rakhi tou theek hogyi, i wanted to know kya ye gari babusar top wali side se skardu ja skti hai? Wapsi pe chillas se uper charh jygi? We are two persons. Has anyone taken their wagon r Japanese 660 cc to skardu hunza etc?

Mobeen Mazhar

The Karakoram Club
July 5
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Aqib Dar You must be using breaks excessively. Try to descend on low speed and lower gear.
Usman Sameen Nothing is wrong with your car. Just get the brakes serviced. Issue is with your driving. You used too much brakes and heated them up. Get another driver who knows how to drive down slopes. It will be too dangerous for your as babusar top is way steeper than nathiagali.
Izaz Haider Mere pyare bhaio apke salahon ka bohot shukria. Me isko bech k xli 2010 le k uss pe jaunga ab
Rana Ali Break kam, Chota gear aur babusar utartay huay 10 min k bad 5 min k break.
Usman Abaidullah If you are determined to take this car to this trip. I will recommend to change your discs & break leather first andn got your car's suspension elevated a bit. Many mechanics do this . There is nothing wrong with 660 cc but its ground clearance is not
good and you may get stuck especially on Devosai after Sheosar Lake to Bara Pani. Do not use much brakes on downhill from babusar to chillas rather drive in S or L gear. Must take some 10 minutes rest on downhill from babusar for your car. rest will be fine. Best of luck
Hammad Ahmed Bhai khuda k liay 660 pr zulm mt karain. Use car ethics for God’s sake 660 cc cars were never ever designed to climb the mountains.. they are for local minor journeys. Please i humbly request all to know that this is literally insane to drive wagon r or any 660 auto transmission car on mountains.
Sabahat Noor There is simple rule to drive in hilly roads
You have to use same gear for uphill and down hill
Like if u used 2nd gear during uphill, u should use 2nd gear or less for downhill as well
Never ever depends on breaks of ur car
Syed Manzar Whenever u use too much breaks whenever coming downhill same will happen . Even there is a risk of break failure of u keep doing this and also if low quality brake pads Catch fire . Be careful drive slow on downhill
Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar Sir mari abhi kal wapsi hoi hai khunjrab sy apni GLi pay... Main ne Move tk ko babusir top aut gilgat sy ate jate deikha....
Bus aik he khiyal rakhein jb b height ki trf jaein tu 1st gear mein sharp turn lein aur neechay utarte howay 1st ya 2nd gear mein utrein aur brake ka kam sy kam use karein.... Koi problem nai ho ghe.
Good luck
Khawaja Salman Shakir Get your tyres and brakes checked.
Mohammad Ali Khan Jadoon It will go easily dont worry and in nathiagali you were constantly using brakes and would be on speed thats why it happened. Only babusar is steeper all the other roads are good for your car to go.
Taha Alwi it will go easily dont worry at all, jb bhi kabhi charhai se neeche utaren gaari ko toh brakes comes use karen, woh dhuawan aapke brake zyada use karne ki waja se aa rha hoga.. in cases mai brakes free hojatay hain islye brakes kam use karen aur gaari chote gears mai chalain
before going please get tyres and brakes serviced
Muhammed Faisal Zia As it happened when you were descending .....
It usually happens when you turn off your engine and use too much brakes .....
Other wise it shouldn't be a problem
Mohsin Yaseen Yes you can but also do not use excessive braking , try to use the L gear while descending and you will be fine . Cheers
Bilal Hameed the only challenge i see here is 660 coming back to babusar top from chillas,, rest is all good if u have good driving skills.
Izaz Haider That's what i thought as well
Saad Tariq I saw a mira 650 cc car on babusar to Gilgit road. 2 persons and luggage
Syed Manzar Avoid too much use of breaks . U r using brakes to control speed, use gear and manage speed up to second gear all will be good. Yr brake pads burning as u used too much heavy foot on brake padel.
Umair Arif 660cc deosai ja sakti hai????
Mohsin Saleem Khan Bhai ja sakti hy, hum mehran le kar gae thea
Sunny Kahn Skardu jana mushkil hai albatta hunza chaley jaye ge
Roohan Raja Haar jagah chali jati hy 660cc gari ager driver ko gari ka pata ho. And the reason for smoke from the brakes was due to their over use, you should never over use them while descending use low gears such as D2 or L
Moiz Ali Break Kam Sy Kam use karen, or choty gear mein chalayen utarty waqt or break kam sy kam use... Meine babusar top bolan carry dabba bhi dekha hy babusar top so ye bhi chali jayegi....
Shakeel Khatri Zeeshan Khatri
comints parh lo ... kaam aaen gey
Ammar Malik If you're using this much brakes just on nathiagali, then you're asking for trouble on a road like babusar. I suggest you have someone experienced drive the car. A lot of fatal accidents happen on babusar because people don't know how to drive downhill without relying on brakes
Bilal Aslam izaz haider..... I have seen sting ray... daihatsu mera... suzuki wagon r and many more at babusar top and at khunjerab pass....
the really problem is the driver... you need to learn how to drive in mountains area and how to protect your engine and brakes from over heating...
Muhammad Usman Saleem The problem is in your driving sir. I took my None for almost 6 times to khunjrab pass from babusir.
Faisal Akram u use continues brakes ,ur pad burned ,driver problem or unaware the driving in hilly area
Taqi Syed Avoid too much use of brakes and clutch .
Naeem Sattar With 2 person no problem....bs jahan musalsal utrai ho wahan hr 2 kilometr bad stay krna lazmi he....especially babusar top k baad musalsal utrai he....
Waqas Shaheen Yes with out any problm
Umair Afzal Shukla Relax and enjoy
Ghulam Farooq Jalbai Always use engine breaks & use lowest gear while descending & you will never come across this problem . it's bcz of excessive use of breaks , so drums get heated. Stop the car every 10 minutes so that drums get colder
Rameez Riaz Y don't u take kkh directly to hunza? Can anyone recommend that route for such cars?
Aamir Ilyas bhai itna bada risk, NO WAY....
Aamir Ilyas Mohammad Ali Khan Jadoon bhai too much risky hy, aik to ap ny already btaya k tyres ki condition to sb sy phla risk to ye or us k bad STINGRAY i dont think good choice for chillas and skardu etc as manual gadi good hy us side pay but stingray auto 660 cc not a good option.
Aamir Ilyas tyr change kr k ap agr 2 banday ho to jaya ja skta hy i think.
Mohammad Ali Khan Jadoon Aamir Ilyas ap nathiagali kabhi gaye bhe hai kya ?
Mohammad Ali Khan Jadoon Tires bilkul thek hai unnke sirf descend karte hoe brakes zada use ki jae to brakes garam ho jati hai aur dhwa chorti hai tyres bilkul thek hai un ke
Aamir Ilyas Mohammad Ali Khan Jadoon nahi but main Hunza gya hy, Naran side sy, Honda city main.,., or Stingray main rawalkot tk gya hu 3 person.,.,
Mohammad Ali Khan Jadoon Aamir Ilyas bhai nathiagali ka road jesa hai na wesa lahore se khunjerab tk koe rasta nahe ata .
Aamir Ilyas Mohammad Ali Khan Jadoon then i think you can do that, moreover ap ho b just 2 person, us k ilawa most of the people saying it is very fine to do that so i think they are right :)
Mohammad Ali Khan Jadoon Aamir Ilyas next time if you guys are travelling to gilgit try coming from murree side so you see the valleys of Abbottabad on way they are quite beautiful
Aamir Ilyas Mohammad Ali Khan Jadoon Abbottabad to Islamabad to Naran nikalty hy tb b rastay main ata hy na? Havelia, hari pur, abbottabad???
Mohammad Ali Khan Jadoon Aamir Ilyas ata hai but you cant see nathiagali donga gali etc from that side
Aamir Ilyas Mohammad Ali Khan Jadoon got it
Usman Mustafa We have taken our pixis 660cc to babusar top. And as it was eid days so only the return journey drive was 33 hours continuously. No problems occurred
Muhammad Umar Farooq I saw a mehran in deosai so yes you can but it requires good driving skills.
Umair Jamil Mehran to har jaga jaati hai wagonr ka mushkil hai
Muhammad Jamil Rasheed Drive car in lower gear instead of using brakes too much...
Zahid Butt Just watch some uphill & downhill driving skills/techniques clips on youtube
Malik Aaqib Yes I believe I saw many wagon R but u should know how to drive in mountains
Syed Manzar It can go easily but your clutch plate should be good
Umair Arif gari nechy lagny ka masla to nhi?
Umair Arif ma is sense ma poch raha ho
Umair Arif hum gari k front back bumper utar lain gy aur padding rukhwa lain gy pechy
Mohsin Saleem Khan Ni zaroorat otarny ki bus jahan lgny ka dar ho wahn sarey bndey otar jao bus driver cross karey
Rizwan Khan its not about babusar top pe charh jay ge ya nai .... its about wapis utar ay ge ya nai ..... you are using brake paddle on down slopes, dont use it, always use your down gear to reduce the speed on slopes. get your brake leathers checked by a mechenic, if its more than 50% then you can go anywhere. but if you will do the same then i doubt then you would be able to come back.
Aamir Shahnawaz First get your brakes repaired and always climb down with lowest gear setting.. Shift to 2 or L to avoid braking and use engine RPM for engine braking
Nabeel Aejaz Sorry , chance mat lena ... bhai ka mashwara hey
Aamir Shahnawaz Babusar is steep plus at a height of 14000 feet, O2 level is low which is required by the car for intake. I had 1.6 L 3k done Altis with full throttle use to climb at certain points so 660 would require a seriously good sound well maintained engine to do so.
Jawad Ali Shah i dont think you should risk taking 660 to babusar top.... will get too difficult for it to make it.... (almost not possible from chillas side to babusar)
regarding your second question..... you must avoid using brakes too much while descend .... in automatic gears 2 and L are for this purpose.... yesterday i returned from NATIAGALI and till murree i came back on 2 gear.... and used brakes as min as possible......
Mudassar Manzoor Chli jye gi. Don't worry
King Vicky Me Mehran Euro II 2013 le kr gaya hu. Allhamduilliah chali gai ALLAH k karam se.
Mian Adil Koi b gari ja skti hai bhai .. try to use 2nd gear and try not to use brakes often
Mian Haroon Tarannum Haider automatic hai tu " S " gear use kre
Minhaj Ali skardu na le k jayn to behter hy, hunza tak aram se jaygi
Asif Rajput Babu sar top to chli jye gi or skrdu b pr wapis ap ko kkh sy ana pre ga besham side sy
Hassan Askari nai mushkil hay because babusar say chillas ki neechai bohat zada hay aur wahan par zada tar manual gariyan hi jatin hain
Izaz Haider Mera main concern yehi hai k gari wapis charh jygi babusar top chillas se?
Sunny Kahn Yea easily.. Laikin skardu road is suitable for 4*4 just
Chaudhary Zeeshan Sarfaraz Chali jai ge per nathia gali wala 8ssue face kerna paraiga
Zia Shah It should, just try not to apply that much braking on way down.
The club needs to announce some safety measures that can help all those who have least experience with montain drive...
DrMuhammad Ishfaq Habib chali jaegi. I hv seen 660 cc vehicles going to hunjrab bt be careful when coming down thru khunjrab. low gear n dont exceed 40km/hr.
Noman Ud Din You r putting too much pressure on brakes which can result in failure.... drive in high gears on slopes if auto use d1/2
Syed Sadaqat Hussain Good To Go brake k bajayay gear ka istimaal karain
Mian Haroon Its totally depend upon Driver.
A??à?? Z?b I met many WagonRs on the way to Hunza..... can climb babusar requires driving skills.
Vvaqas Shahzad Don't risk your 1 million car to save few bucks
Engine se dhuan aye ga tou samajh aygi kya?
Ghzanfar Ali Janay se pehlay front, back brakes change krwa lena. Engine ki clutch plates check kra lena. Aur nechay utartay wakat brakes ka kam se kam use karna aur chotay gear me chalna. Zyada steep utraai ho to chotay gear dal k accelerator se paon utha lena.
Usman Habib you must have been using excessive braking... bobusar bhi ja sakti hai agar brakes ka sahi istimaal ho.. slow car chalyein utartay huay... use small gear... you'll be fine.. and tyres pai pani bilkul nahi phenkna...
Inam Wazir Bhai ap ko sahee chalani nahi ati ksi aur se chalwa lae warna gadi ka to Allah hi hafiz
Usman Ghani ?????? ?? ???? ?? ??????? ?? ?? ?? ???????? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ???
Sajjad Haider Syed Woh smoke most probably brakes kay ziada use kurnay say aaya ho ga... heat up ho gayee hon gi... make sure your brakes are rechecked and fixed, and next time when you are descending, always use lower gear to keep your car slower instead of using brakes... keep in mind it is good suggestion that always use the same gear in which you ascended... and normally the best choice is 2nd gear...
Osama Bashir Izaz Haider
It can go anywhere you want. The problem you faced occur due to exessive braking. Driving in hilly areas is totally different. Drive Gear control not Brake control, and you will not have that issue again.
Adil Zehri Bro Allah ka naam lo ayat al kursi and Surat e yaseen parho or garo ko le jao kahe bhi.
Masab Asif Sipra chali jati hy bhai but use minimum brakes at steep roads. maintain ur speed at which u can control ur car.
Shahid Iqbal I will advise you to not use this car for this trip. Ic gaari k liye ye heights mushkil hain.
Syed Jazib Ali Naqvi Ap ne break bht use ki ha.. Break ka use kam krain.. Gari babusar top se neechy 2nd gear mai utary..
Danyal Ahmad Khan Yeah babusar, se utar te waqt breakes ki bohat zaroorat houti hai, kabhi klutch daba ker ya neutral kr k mat utaariyega gaari out of control hojaati hai
Humayoon Shaikh Actually its easy to go up the hill than coming down because u need to have good car control tyres and break so I think this could create a little fuss for you
Alee Paryo Normally drvrs ko pata nhe hota k unki gaari ki taaqat ka..
Charrhai par be wajjah accelarate karna nuqsan deta hai.
Uttraaei me low gear aur break ka use waqfe waqfe se kia jaae to problem nhe aaegi... agar munasib ho to neeche aate huay 2 aik jaggah stay karen k leathers kharab na hon
Syed Muhammad Ibrahim Chishti I have seen Mira at khunjrab
Fatemah Elyas Chaudhary https://m.facebook.com/groups/158955757785603?view=permalink&id=703094636705043
Ali Raza Babuser top tak thek hai us say agay agar gaye to engine seiz hoskta
Kismat Khan Babusar se niche ja sakti hai lkn oper dobara charhene ke leye apko jahangir tareen ke helicopter ki zarorat pesh ho sakti hai is leye khunjrab ke jana cancel kardo kunke agar garhi dobara babausar top pe na charhe to bisham wala rasta bahut hi takka d
ene wala rasta hai aur khatarnak aur garm hai aur ha ik bat aur babausar se niche jatte hoi hamare hiace ki tyre me aag laga gayi thi barhi mushkil se bujayi hai oper se hiace petrol aur cng me thi blast hone ke 100 fissad chances the
Kismat Khan Babusar se niche jane ke leye apko first gear me jana hoga without break use kiye hoi
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