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    <destiPak.constants.Timeline object at 0x7f8550d5ea10> Fields of Gold - Battagram
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    Fields of Gold - Battagram
    Battagram is a city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The schools are being built with the help of several NGOs and foreign funds to improve the literacy rate of the people.

    Battagram Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Map Autumn

  • <destiPak.constants.Timeline object at 0x7f8550d5e250> Shinkiari, Mansehra
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    Shinkiari, Mansehra
    One of my fav drives in Pakistan this is start of Karakoram Highway near Mansehra thanks GOD for showing me beauty of this place in many seasons Love it.

    Mansehra Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Map

  • <destiPak.constants.Timeline object at 0x7f8550d5ea10> Autumn and the streets of Hunza
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    Autumn and the streets of Hunza
    It is one of the most beautiful place on earth. Autumn colors are more fascinating than the monotonous green in summer. There are shades of every color from red to green and from yellow to red. But red and yellow are most dominating. Color of Hunza river water in winter is bluish green and produce amazing effect the the vibrant colors of autumn.

    Karimabad Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Map Autumn

  • <destiPak.constants.Timeline object at 0x7f8550d5e250> Spectacular Gilgit in Autumn
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    Spectacular Gilgit in Autumn
    Gilgit Baltistan is, perhaps, the most spectacular region of Pakistan in terms of its geography and scenic beauty. Here world’s three mightiest mountain ranges: the Karakoram, the Handukuch and the Himalayas – meet. The whole of Gilgit Baltistan is like a paradise for mountaineers, trekkers and anglers. The region has a rich cultural heritage and variety of rare fauna and flora. Historically, the area ha remained a flash point of political and military rivalries amongst the Russian, British and Chinese empires. Immediately after the end of British rule in the sub-continent in 1947, the people of this region decided to join Pakistan through a popular local revolt against the government of Maharaja of Kashmir.

    Gilgit Gilgit Baltistan Map Autumn

  • <destiPak.constants.Timeline object at 0x7f8550d5ea10> Mohatta-Palace, Karachi, Sindh
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    Mohatta-Palace, Karachi, Sindh
    The Mohatta Palace is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It was built by Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta, a Hindu Marwari businessman from modern day Rajasthan in India, as his summer home in 1927. The architect of the palace was Agha Ahmed Hussain. However, Mohatta could enjoy this building for only about two decades before the independence, after which he left Karachi for India. He built the Palace in the tradition of stone palaces in Rajasthan, using pink Jodhpur stone in combination with the local yellow stone from Gizri. The amalgam gave the palace a distinctive presence in an elegant neighbourhood, characterised by Indo-Saracenic architecture which was located not far from the sea.

    Karachi Sindh Map

  • <destiPak.constants.Timeline object at 0x7f8550d5e250> Truck Art In Pakistan
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    Truck Art In Pakistan

    A truck in Pakistan is the true interpretation of our transport culture. A truck owner or driver narrates his heart through the calligraphy, poetic verses, and indirect messages to the beloved ones.

    Mansehra Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Map