7 days trip to Fairy meadow, Kumrat, Ratti Gali on Bikes

Hey All!! We are 4 PERSONS planning to go on trip on BIKES from Lahore...We have been to chitta katha earlier but its our first time on Bikes.
We have 7 DAYS in total. We have THREE options under consideration.
1. Fairy meadows
2. Kumrat valley
3. Ratti Gali and dodipatsar via Noori Nar top.
Which one should we go for? We want our tour to include greenry and water streams or lakes along with scenic beauty. Please suggest and guide in detail.
P.S. if there's any other place you want to suggest, you are most welcome.
Imtiaz Ahmed Imtiaz Ahmed Rabta Karin cl kar k
Faiz Ahmad Kumrat will be best option!
Bilal Shahid ???? lo kr lo gul to khud knsa gya howa ha in teeno jagah say ek may bhi
Faiz Ahmad 1st & 2nd nhe daikhi 3rd par gya hon. Baaki bhai ki demands k mutaabiq kumrat most suitable ha that's why i suggested kumrat. ????
Bilal Shahid Third wali pay gye ho pr via noori top say nae gye Jb bnday nay ek cheez dekhi hi nae to bnday ko ya kaisay pta ha k kn c jagah kis k lye suitable ha
Faiz Ahmad Check his demands. Then contact me I'll explain you my boy! ????
Bilal Shahid Illogical Ya to tum nay jaan chiranay wali baat ki ha
Bilal Shahid Jb bnday k pass koe jawab na ho to aisi chussain jharta ha ???? ????
Faiz Ahmad Baatain daikhu kon kar raha jo room say nikalta ha tou mess ya washroom k liye :3
Faiz Ahmad Kbhi bahar ki hwaa khaana phir pata chaly ga aapko :p
Bilal Shahid Hahhahahahaha lekn teri tara logon ko ghalat suggestions nae detaa ????
Faiz Ahmad ???? right suggestion di ha. ALHAMDOLILAH!
Bilal Shahid Chlo suggestion chahnay walo ko app ki 100 % right suggestion mubarak
Mukarram Zaidi Aray yar koi to bata day. Ap dono to apus main hi shuru ho gaey
Bilal Shahid yrr app ek aisay bnday say suggestion lo jo in teeno jagah pay gya ho wo app ko behter guide kr skta ha
Manzoor Alam Kumrat upper Dir...and you can go from kumrat to Swat..Kalam but the ride is very adventurist.
Mukarram Zaidi Can you plz guide. How to reach kumrat. Pehli bar us side pe ja rhy to kch nai pta wahan k baray main
Irfan Khan Mehsud Imad Khan zara Mukarram Zaidi logon ko guide karlo..
Manzoor Alam Mukarram Zaidi there two roads run to Kumrat one from kalam..but go first to dir via nowshehra in nowshehra ask for mardan it leads to Malakand. .after malakand u wil reach bhatkhyla then u wil cross the city and wil go to chakdara. .from here the str … See More
Mukarram Zaidi Manzoor Alam keeping in minf that we are going from lahore, Are 7 days enough to cover this?
Manzoor Alam Ys you can cover the distance from lahore to mardan or nowshehra. If you set out early..then to Kumrat in oneday if bikes and you fit enough and may escape mishaps. .
Imran Ali Rajput Mukarram Zaidi https://youtu.be/8C8jRZncRmk
Imran Ali Rajput Mukarram Zaidi https://youtu.be/C0CNOr0iwzc
Imran Ali Rajput Mukarram Zaidi https://youtu.be/khHpT_3zYDI
Imtiaz Ahmed Imtiaz Ahmed Rati gali is the best place contact 03556508202 rati gali jasi jaga ap ko ni mily ge
Amin Awan https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=382834998908618&id=380939502431501
follow this map...
Mukarram Zaidi If anyone has authentic info on the matter, i really need suggestions guys..
Ehsan Raza Dear all these three places are worth going and offer great adventure and scenic beauties but we have to choose just one... Fairy meadows is a good option but that trip won't give you much of a bike ride... Most of the trip either you will be jeep ridi … See More
Ehsan Raza Noori top and raatigali is again a good place to visit but you have already mentioned that you have visited neelum Valley once so this time go for kumrat Valley
Mukarram Zaidi Excellent suggestion Ehsan bhai... But there's only one problem. We are totally unaware of the area and places to see
Mukarram Zaidi Ehsan Raza if you have any knowledge. Plz do share. Or drop your number and I'll call you in the evening
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