Looking for a Good Hotel/Cottage in Abbottabad

Hi Everyone!
Please suggest any good cottage with reasonable price for two families in Abbottabad.
Map of Abbottabad City
Muhammad Hamza Hotel city center chenone plaza..
Syed Hamxa apko isb ki hawa zada asar kr gye hai
Khalid Rafique Piffers officer mess.. best and cheap
Abeera Zubair Ansari Can you give more information?
Khalid Rafique It's army mess cottages.. two types.. simple and luxurious. . U can choose there
Khalid Rafique But have to book one week before going there
Abeera Zubair Ansari Okay thanks
Hassan Tariq Lol, not necessary to book two weeks bfr. Aik din pehlay b hojata hai and fyi. ASFC guest rooms are way better then Piffers GRs
Abeera Zubair Ansari I can't find contact number of piffers mess?
Abeera Zubair Ansari And do tell me rates
Khalid Rafique 0992 334895
Khalid Rafique U can ask all at this number of piffers
Hassan Tariq Including you can't choose between GRs Sir! You can't Choose GOQs in anyway.
Mehmood Shah Reservation in Army mess is subject to internal-reference. Piffers is otherwise a good option.
Awais Jibran Civil person is allowed to stay there? Areeba: what is your feedback? For how much you were able to book a room?
Khalid Rafique Yes allowed...
Majid Rasheed For rent Ar purchase
Mujahid Shah Hotel demanchi
Manzoor Satparvi Hotel one near AMC
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