Hi. How are you all. Actually I want to ask is it possible to visit hunza in december? If yes kindly guide the route. Is it safe to visit in december

Hi. How are you all. Actually I want to ask is it possible to visit hunza in december? If yes kindly guide the route. Is it safe to visit in december as my daughter is 2.5 years old but i m missing hunza so badly.
Your kind feedback is required. Thanks in advance
Afraz Khan I visited Hunza last year in December with 2 kids of 5 & 7 years. Route to KKH hi hoga bus mausam zara zyada mastana milega. Humein raat mein minus 17 or din mein minus 7-8 mila tha.
2.5 years ki bachi agar ap ko lagta hai seh legi to jaen maze karen.
Bilal Khalid You can reach hunza, but there are 2 problems here
1) babusar top is closed, so you will have to take the long route through KKH
2) the weather is VERY cold in december, and with snowfall going all around the place, it will be difficult to commute. He

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Syed Hamza Mobeen Karakoram Highway all season road hai .. saal k 12 mah khuli rehti hai.. off season aur shadid sari ki waja say locals bi lahore,Karachi, Islamabad move kar jaty hain. Shops zadda tar magrib k bad band hi rehti hain. Tourist ka nam aur nishan bi nazar nhi aata .. raat mein temperature -4 k karib karib rehta hai.
Asif Raza Khan Not recommended in December with little kid. Hunza is safe but travel via KKH in December is not easy. Take care
Ahsan Arain Better you let your in laws or your own parents cheerish the moments with baby at home!!! That way you are for sure gonna enjoy wildness out there otherwise it seems difficult !!! We dont have superb care upthere amd with baby of 2.5 its a risk!!
Junaid Rahi Yes,you can visit hunza in dec easily..the route via babusar top will b closed due to severe snow falling.you have to follow KKH via besham Dasu chilas to reach hunza
Tariq Anwar Dont go in december not good season roads block severe little baby wll b sik
Khawaja Fahad Koi road block ni hota bri
Hussain Ali Buri Absoloutely, road block nai hota
Iftikhar Malik Yes offcourse u can vist .. Did it last year in dec with my 4yr boy and 1 year daughter ..
Rehbar Hussain Yes you can easily travel to hunza weather is cool in December month
Abbas Pacific Yes you can....but visiting khunjerab is difficult becuase of heavy snowfalling
Imran A Raja See pic of site on internet during winter and decide at your own.
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Taskeen Fras Anas Mehmood thanks
Anas Mehmood You welcome Sis Taskeen Fras
Riazat Hussain Mughal Taskeen Fras koi masla nhe Mai khud hunza ka hn. Sirf garm kapray sath uthana baki koi masla nhe hai
Taskeen Fras Riazat Hussain Mughal ????
Riazat Hussain Mughal Taskeen Fras sister yahan Pai koi masla nhe hai sardiyun Mai bi yahan tourist kafi hotay hain. Abi bi mairay Ghar Mai Lahore mairay aik dost apni family Kai sath hai Lahore ka hai
Anas Mehmood Riazat Hussain Mughal bhai December ki bat ho rahi hai abhi ki nahi bhai
Riazat Hussain Mughal Anas Mehmood December Mai bi yahi sorat Hal hai
Ejaz Ahmed I could not recommended for this tour with Small baby in sever cold of Hunza
Riaz Shah Yes u can visit to hunza
Mohsin Mughal You may go via besham chillas and then Hunza but it's too much cold weather
Muhammad Rizwan Babusar band ho ga...dasu say raiy kot tak sarak azaab hay...baqi sab thik hay...agar land slide na ho to...
Nazeer Ehson Skardu It's not suitable with kid by road in winter
Nazeer Ehson Skardu By air,,,u can travell skardu n hunza
Gul Bar Saeed Yah bit could and Snow there in upper Hunza ' if wana go there you can go but take kkh don't try to go through babusar top not possible that time
Piyar Ali Travel Islamabad to Gilgit by air, and hire rent a car to Hunza, enjoy snow possible and do same respectively back.
Umer Manj Yes,you can visit hunza in dec easily..the route via babusar top will b closed due to severe snow falling.you have to follow KKH via besham Dasu chilas to reach hunza.just you have to do is to bring warm clothes as the weather may b hard because of peak winters.regards
Umer Manj Taskeen Fras welcome.
Zaigham Ali Yashkun You can visit via KKH as Babusar top will be closed. In december it will be cold, you can enjoy the social life in Hunza and snow capped mountains. Its safe to visit, moreover take along warm clothes for the kid. All good
Have a good trip.
Taskeen Fras Zaigham Ali Yashkun thanks alot.
Hamna Mobeen Zaigham Ali Yashkun is babusar top open now? It snowed there a week ago.. can we use that route since we want t0 visit hunza next week?
Zaigham Ali Yashkun Hamna Mobeen Its snowing. Not advised to use that route.
Ali Shah Zaigham Ali Yashkun can 've visit Kel, Neelum Valley in December ?? Muhammad Jawad
Zaigham Ali Yashkun Yes you can. Its snowfall right now. I can make available the guest rooms ;)
Ali Shah Don't you think route would be slippery
Rahim Hayat It's get Very cold in December. You have to put warm clothes with yourself. And try to stay in a hotel where you can get good service
Shahadat Karim Yes mam you can visit easily my hometown through karakurm international highway .
Hiba Junaid Siddiqui Junaid Ahad Siddiqui
Muhammad Bilal hunza is always safe IA.
Ashfaq Hami Yes..but tourst points are close due to snowfall like khunjarb top, Attabad lake, Babusar and weather almost below Zero (0) temperature in almost In negative (below)
Ashfaq Hami Hunza is safe for everyone
Kashif Hussain This much cold is not good for such a young baby.
Waqar Ahmad Yes. But It may be very difficult for litlle princes, so I suggest to avoids travel that in December.
MisbÅh Ur RaSool plz guide
MisbÅh Ur RaSool Waqar Ahmad she should avoid.
Waqar Ahmad Taskeen Fras ??????
Ab?ù? Màa?i? Bilkul v nhi.....jana hay tu november ki start men jaen...warna march men jaen....hunza kahen bhaga nahi ja raha....
Taskeen Fras Ab?ù? Màa?i? Ahahaah acha
Zoro Hzi Bqn I am from Hunza. don't go with your baby because weather too cold.( -10 degree)
Kashif Raza U will risk your baby so don't go
Zubair Khan 100% yeesss and u must
For customised tour up to 6 person Pl contact
Fawad Mulk Adv yaa it is safe because two years ago we visited hunza in December and its cheap as well in December and the problem is that you have to take longer route through kkh and if it started snow fall donot go its dangerous
Waqas Mughal Not recomended.i faced trouble last year
Muhammad Afzal u should visit in November for Autumn.
Mujeeb Rehman Musofer You can visit with out any hesitation you must have worm colth for you and your child.
Junaid Johny Ajkal Babusar top wla rasta open hai ???
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